Career counselling – methods that work

Faglitteratur innen karriereveiledning illustrasjonsbilde

This book is recommended for practitioners involved in primary, secondary and tertiary education, psychology and social work, corporate coaches, academics, researchers, scholars and students. Career counselling – methods that work facilitates an understanding and application of contemporary theories, goals, methods and strategies in career counselling.

Navn: Career counselling – methods that work

Utgivelse: 2010

Forfattere: Kobus Maree (editor)

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Om boken:

The book is an introductory text that provides practitioners with a wide range of efficient and effective career interventions. Representing the main schools of thought in career counselling today. Career counselling: Methods that work identifies and reflects the growing global interest in innovative approaches to career counselling including Mark Savickas’ careerstory interview technique for career construction counselling. This is an approach of narrative career counselling that uses a semi-structured sequence of questions to collect narrative elements from the client. Savickas made this narrative counseling method for helping clients to fit work into their lives, rather than fit themselves to jobs.