The time between dreams – how to navigate uncertainty in your life and work

Faglitteratur innen karriereveiledning illustrasjonsbilde

We have all heard that “change is the only thing in life that we can count on, but wouldn`t life be so much easier if things just stay the way they are right now?” Carol Vecchio provides a clear understanding of the natural cycles of change and guides us in defining our distinct needs and wants. Vecchio candidly shares her own personal experiences, and the many «a-ha» moments of those who have chosen Centerpoint Institute over the years.

Navn: The time between dreams – how to navigate uncertainty in your life and work

Utgivelse: 2013

Forfattere: Carol A. Vecchio

Tema: #Faglitteratur #karriereveileder #karrierelæringforvoksne #forveiledere

Om boken:

Carol A. Vecchio has helped thousands of people to find their passion and purpose for over 30 years. She is the founder of Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal, a nonprofit that offers lifelong tools to navigate uncertainty, build meaningful careers, and design courageous lives. Vecchio is an inspirational speaker and author of numerous articles.

Our ideas about our careers, jobs, relationships, families, where we live, and even who we are, change over time. By acknowledging that such change is normal and natural, this book offers guidance for moving forward from what isn`t exciting you to doing what will enliven you. Some of us turn our head in denial. Others welcome new opportunities and horizons. This book clears the fog hovering around change, so we can listen, learn, and direct our own transitions. Her words resonate and inspire reflection, passion, and creativity – they provide the much-needed comfort to navigate our own future. The perspective throughout this book envisions life as an “inside out” process, valuing introspection and personal responsibility. The book shows that before taking any external action, we make each choice a conscious one.